Suddenly, the best equipment is in the hands of the timer.

RaceSplitter is the “do it yourself” solution for race timing — providing coaches with accurate split times, lap times and standings during the race, and organizers with a powerful alternative to chip-timing.

$3499 Available on the App Store

The RaceSplitter app works with iPhone and iPod touch. Also runs on an iPad in 2x mode.

3,280,646 participants in 214 countries have been timed using RaceSplitter

For Race Organizers

Organizers of trail running, mountain biking, ultras and many other sport are using RaceSplitter to time their events, publishing live results online, and saving a bundle over the cost of chip timing. It’s revolutionary!

It’s a complete solution

RaceSplitter, along with our companion online service, provides everything you need to time your own event. Easily manage your start list, time your race, publish live results, see the standings, export and work with the data.

Economical, stress-free timing

No more dealing with bulky power supplies, cables, connectors, lost chips and faulty sensor pads. With RaceSplitter, all that’s needed is an iPhone or an iPad. It couldn’t be simpler, easier or more reliable.

For Coaches & Parents

Thousands of coaches around the world are using RaceSplitter to give their athletes an edge, with split times, lap times and time to key competitors — live during the race.

The right information, at the right time

Never stumble with stopwatch, pen and paper again. With RaceSplitter, you’ll give your racers accurate split and lap times, even correcting for the delays associated with interval-start races.

Innovative, real-time display

Just like the screen on EuroSport (and ESPN), type in a bib number, and you’ll instantly see live, updating racer standings as your racers pass by.

  • “As a parent, I've been searching far and wide for an app like this. I think RaceSplitter is awesome!”
  • “We used it at our annual 6 Hours of Heck in Paradise MTB race, and it worked flawlessly. Very intuitive. Everyone thought it was the coolest thing ever!”
  • “As a coach at the US Nationals, the info I was able to give my athletes was perfect. The ability to tap on an athlete during the race and see each lap's place and time back is amazing. It's pretty much a perfect app!”
  • “I can’t say how excited I am. RaceSplitter is very effective and more importantly, reliable. I've been using it for several races and it has worked flawlessly. It absolutely allows me to do my job better.”
  • “RaceSplitter is perfect! The app has become a very important tool in the timing and training of nordic skiing talents! This has to be the perfect app for fans at the Nordic Skiing World Championship in Oslo!”

Join thousands of people from around the world timing their races with RaceSplitter!

$3499 Available on the App Store